Design. Deliver. Sustain.

When you engage Lloyd Parry we’ll:

  • Design the change program
  • Deliver the change program
  • Sustain the change by transferring our knowledge to your internal organization

Behind every successful project is a successful process

Our process is designed to provide each of our clients with a custom program that delivers highly measurable results. We understand that the issues that effect organizations are not always the same. So we take a deep dive to understand where the root problems lie and help you fix them. The result is transformative change that drives smart growth.

4 Pillars of Transformative Change

Needs Analysis

Every organization is different. And we can’t begin before we conduct a thorough needs analysis that takes into account both internal and external pain points. Here are some examples that we frequently look at:

Business Challenges

  • Growth
  • Regulation
  • Merger
  • Core competency
  • Culture change
  • Globalisation
  • Speed to market
  • Recession
  • Social media
  • Social and corporate responsibility
  • Cloud, mobility, analytics
  • Differentiation

Operational challenges

  • Governance
  • Service levels
  • End-to-end measurement
  • Service integration
  • Customer focus
  • Process excellence
  • Productivity
  • Continuous improvement
  • Skill availability
  • Innovation
  • Cost/revenue/trading models
  • Demonstrating value
  • Technology/social media

We take a look at all these factors and make an assessment that examines how we can align your operations with market needs.

Organizational Diagnostic

Knowing what your needs are is only the beginning. The next step is determining if your organization has the capability to meet your strategic objectives.

Climetrics® is a unique organisational diagnostic we use to identify if and how your , management activities, measurement systems, structures, and delivery capabilities combine to create an service climate that leads to high-performance and long-term profitability. Read more about Climetrics here.

This powerful tool will expose opportunities for systemic improvement throughout your organization.

Navigator Suite

Simply put this is where we tell you what needs to change in order to deliver tomorrow’s business. We’ll identify how your current structure operates within the following categories:

  • Mass Production. A one size fits all service has low variety offerings , employee skills are basic and customer engagement is transactional
  • Mass Customisation. This is a variation of the one-size-fits-all. The employee helps the customer select from a fixed menu of options. The customer experience and employee engagement, however, are relatively low.
  • Mass Specialisation. Customers must know which service they want, where to obtain it and integrate each one from different sources. Since employees possess deep specialist knowledge, they will engage customers at a much higher level, and the customer experience is personal and solutions standard.=

The goal is to create a Mass Adaptive model where the service provided delivers personalised advice to suit the individual. Employee skills are high and they will integrate and combine all solutions on the customers’ behalf in unique combinations, resulting in high customer and employee engagement. The customer experience is personal and unique.

Navigation Path

Creating and implementing your plan is the cornerstone to a successful engagement. And your navigation plan is the roadmap that your organization will use to create the outcomes you want to achieve.