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SPaMCAST 220 – “Adaptive Thinking, Command, and Control” Interview with Stephen Parry In this podcast, Stephen Parry discusses several topics including management approaches, the design of organisations, adaptive thinking, command and control management, change and transformations, and much more. To listen to this podcast, click on the link below. A new window will open prompting you to …

AgileByExample 2018: Stephen Parry

Stephen Parry was recently a speaker at the AgileByExample 2018 event. He takes you through how to adapt and grow your business using an agile and adaptive business strategies. Watch the video below to learn about continuous improvement and continuous change.

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Smarting Up: The Business Case For Adaptive Lean In The Work

Too many managers, directors and VPs think they know what Lean is, but I can tell you from experience that “getting Lean” is not about doing more for less. It’s about doing more WITH less. Less stress. Less rework. Less complaints. Less turnover in clients.

Dr. Gary Fisher

Innovation Fellow,The Business Partnership Unit, Aston University Introduction To Section Five: Re-Create The key differentiator in the 21st-century marketplace for organisations in thedeveloped world is innovative value creation. Indeed, cost-reduction strategies supported by mass-production methodologies will only pay dividends to those organisations that either automate or relocate to low labour cost economies. The question is, …

Professor William Carney

Professor of International Marketing, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid; formerly Visiting Assistant Professor at George Washington University, Washington DC Introduction To Section Three: Re-Inspire In a world where economic and technological expansion is driving trade and commerce towards one economic system, organisations have not only to rethink their business models but also to rethink their approaches …

Bernard Marr

Research Fellow, Cranfield School of Management and Visiting Professor of Organisational Performance, University of Basilicata. Introduction To Section Two: Re-Mind Today’s business world is different from the business world even a decade or two ago. Currently, companies have to cope with increased complexity created by phenomena such as increasing customer demands, shorter product life cycles, …