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Adaptability provides more control in an organisation than less

Discussions with upper management about adaptability are often an awkward dance. Senior management often fears a loss of control in an adaptive workplace. That’s understandable given their training. But it’s also very wrongheaded.. The reality is that adaptability and related control mechanisms provide more control than than you’re likely to find in a traditional organisation. […]

Adaptability in progress: an account

My presentation at the Business Agility conference in New York in February was a great opportunity to talk adaptability on a large scale.  But it also yielded secondary tangible benefits. Specifically, I had an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with some fellow travellers in the change field. Sometimes I think I’m the one that gets […]

Planview webinar to focus on Adaptive Enterprise

Since I spoke at BusinessAgility2017 in New York last month, it’s become very clear to me there is a great deal of interest from upper management in my work in creating adaptive organisations. In recent years I’ve sensed how large organisations are struggling with how to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Now, […]

Adaptive Enterprise: Increasing productivity with continuous planning

Since I gave a presentation at Business Agility 2017 in New York in February, there’s been a definite spike in interest for my work in making organisations adaptive. To that end, I’ve been invited by Planview to do a live webinar on March 29th titled Power Your PMO with the Adaptive Enterprise: Increase productivity with […]

ELLI: changing your organisational climate

ELLI is important in my organisational transformation work. It’s the acronym for the four factors I look for in any organisation I’m working with. Engaging. Learning. Leading. Improving. To develop ELLI, It’s important to understand what the type of organisation we’re looking at. Only when we know this can we determine the path our journey […]