Lloyd Parry is made up of a highly knowledgeable team of expert business consultants. Learn more about our resident experts:

Stephen Parry
CEO/Senior Adaptive Business Consultant

Stephen Parry is an international leader and strategist on the creation of service enterprises that are adaptive, innovative, and engaging. He has a world-class reputation for passionate leadership and creating global organisations with superior service climates by changing the way employees, managers, and leaders think about the business. Learn more…


Henk Stoker
Adaptive Business Consultant

Henk is an innovative senior manager and improvement coach with international experience in operations, project management, engineering, and continuous improvement. He’s skilled at building strong and capable teams, whilst designing Lean and robust business processes. Learn more…


Rupert Coles
Adaptive Business Consultant

Rupert Coles has an established record of driving transformational change using Sense and Respond 3.0 principles to bring about employee, management, leadership, and organisational breakthroughs. Learn more…