The wow about the WOW! Awards

Working with Lean over the years, I’ve grown to take special delight in seeing how customer engagement changes, develops and then becomes essential in the growth of an organisation.

Given that, we at Lloyd Parry are happy to have our own Rupert Coles as a judge at this year’s WOW! Awards.

WOW! Is an independent award organisation that rewards great customer service solely through customer compliments. That’s it. No supervisor input.

Whether you’re part of the Lean universe or not, the WOW! Awards are an event every business can look to for examples of how improve the customer contact experience.

The awards are a celebration of the best in customer service and experience  – something that a lot of businesses have lost site of in the age of random cost-cutting and automation.

As an organisation, WOW! created a set of tools to easily facilitate the flow of information from customer to business and then to the employee responsible for the positive customer experience.

I see WOW! and similar organisations as crucial to Lean in that they provide a useful mechanism to not only smooth the feedback process but turn it into positive employee feedback and rewards.

And by championing the finalists for these awards they provide a status in great customer service delivery usually reserved for management success.

The Gala Awards will be held on November 28.

To learn more about the WOW! Organisation and Gala, please click here.

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You’re number one. Now comes the hard part.

Watching the Olympics I recognized something about the participants that I hadn’t noticed before.

Many of the athletes that scored gold in 2012 were still performing at the same level as they did 4 years ago  – but nonetheless today they were coming in fourth, fifth and sixth.

Why does that happen?

Because it’s tough being number one. You only get there through hard work, perseverance and a never look back attitude. But it’s even harder to stay number one. So how do you do it?

Once you’ve set the bar for performance and achievement  there is a temptation to simply repeat the formula that got you there in the first place. The problem is that the bar is always rising. And unless you continually look at who’s coming up the outside, you’ll get caught in the backdraft as your competitors speed by.

When you’re chasing the competition, it’s much easier. But when you aren’t, it’s really hard because you don’t know how close they are behind you.

Being number one means you have to compete against yourself while watching the competition. And that requires an entirely different strategy from the one that got you there.

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